Set of 3 Artificial Plants in Rustic Style Pots Succulents Home Office Grey White

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3.00 KGS

Product Description

Set of 3 Artifical Plants in Rustic Style Pots

These artifical plant pots are a perfect decor for any home, office or garden.

Beautiful succulent plants in concrete pots featuring a white pot, light grey and a dark grey

They will compliment any decor around your home with the neutral pot colour

Perfect for styling in kitchens, cloakrooms, dining room, living room, bedroom, on desks to name a few

Very easy to maintain no requirement to water them, remain fresh looking and green all year round

Vivid colours and realistic leaves make these an ideal gift 

You will receive 3 artifical planters as shwon above one in white, one in light grey and one in dark grey

Each potted plant measures approx 13cm in height by 10cm wide